Architects in Exile. 
Stories of New Spatial Experiences

Book of Abstracts edited by Sofia Celli and Federica Deo

Collective imagination has traditionally associated architecture with political and economic power. As a result, when quoting Edward Said: «Modern Western culture is, in large part, the work of exiles, émigrés, refugees», the last people we typically consider are exiled architects. But is the heritage left by exiled architects truly insignificant? Can we find expressions of their spiritual quest, new life experiences, nostalgic feelings, and aesthetic shocks in their works? When does Modernism cease to be a universal language and instead becomes an existential language of the exile – and can they both coexist? The international conference Architects in Exile. Stories of New Spatial Experciences aims to address these questions.

Architects in Exile. Stories of New Spatial Experiences
29 and 30 May 2023 Politecnico di Milano.

Boris Chukhovich (visiting scholar in DAStU Politecnico di Milano), Andrea Gritti (DAStU Politecnico di Milano)

Scientific Commitee
Marco Biraghi, Silvia Bodei, Stefano Boeri, Boris Chukhovich, Davide Del Curto, Federico Deambrosis, Andrea Gritti, Sonia Pistidda, Luka Skansi (DAStU Politecnico di Milano), Ekaterina Golovatyuk (GRACE), Nicola Russi (DAD Politecnico di Torino)

Sofia Celli, Federica Deo (DAStU Politecnico di Milano)

softcover, 98 pages
Laguange: English
first edition May 2023
ISBN 978-88-32072-31-0