La Digestion
Musica Sanae

edited by
Andrea Bolognino
Renato Grieco
Domenico Napolitano
Giulio Nocera

Try to think to the growth of a spontaneous plant; more specifically to that phenomenon of tenacious resistance that some plants oppose against the urban constructions. All you have to do is looking around to discover that these resilient and partisan plants are almost everywhere. La Digestion is one of them. A way of looking and listening, a polymorphous, microscopic and huge creature, benevolent and insidious, capable of welcoming, biting, chewing and spitting out. La Digestion is an open ear, a mouth, a journey in the reticulum of the guts, an impermanent space, a matryoshka, a path full of obstacles, an invitation to doubt, an enigma that stands out in front of us and invites us to make new questions, build new senses, question our system of believes, conceive the inconceivable.


La Digestion di Giulio Nocera; Organizing the event of sound di Domenico Napolitano; Self-haruspex di Renato Grieco; Musica Sanae di Michał Libera; Inneschi di Luciano Chessa; Pseudacusis di Anthony Pateras; Studies on psycho-active acoustics and noise induced hallucination di Rudolf; Pigwitch di Barbara Kinga Majewska; Sonic extraction of HIV virus DNA chain di Carl Michael von Hausswolff; Emergent Weirdness di Raffaella Morra; The Subjective Time di Lionel Marchetti. 

copertina flessibile 88 pagine
Lingua: Inglese
prima edizione Novembre 2019
ISBN 978-88-32072-02-0