Exercises of Analogy
Quotation, Variation, Reference

a cura di Federica Visconti

Houses and the Analogy documents the activity of the virtual component of the Blended Intensive Programme BIP of the University of Naples Federico II with the RWTH Aachen University, the TU Dortmund, the Potsdam Fachhochschu - le, the TU/e Eindhoven and the TU Graz. The title Learning form Pompeii (View from the North) recalls the tradition of Grand Tour which has always seen, from Northern Europe, travellers leave to discover classical culture but also give back, through their artistic works, an un - precedented look and, in some ways, an original interpretation of the beloved Mediterranean. Thus, students of the six universities involved in the Programme studied – through the critical re-drawing – nine houses in Pompeii and, as in a renewed Italian Journey, imagined analogous houses for today time.

copertina flessibile 100  pagine
Lingua: English, with Italian Texts
prima edizione Luglio 2023

ISBN 978-88-32072-38-9


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